Holland Tools B.V. is a Tools & Equipment Wholesaler and at this moment one the leading companies for tools and offshore supplies. With 8 years of experience in this specific field of business, we have earned an establised reputation and are also a trusted partner. Reliability and fulfillment are pilars upon which we have built on. In our 5000 m² warehouse we store our extensive range of products from electric- and hand tools, pumps, ladders, cleaning products to safety items. Our motto is: "We supply all the ordered goods in-time for attractive prices to our customers" Besides our standard product range (see website), we also provide requested customized and tailored made items. We can fulfill our customer’s wishes in any desired volume. Our customers can rely on Holland Tools regarding advisory, flexibility and decisiveness.
Information and enquiries
If you have any questions or do you want to receive a quotation? Please contact our Sales Team. Our staff will gladly respond. Please send your questions or enquiries to: info@hollandtools.nl. You will receive a reply within 15 minutes for the standard items.